Secondary Packaging


Packaging sachets, pouches, or stick packs in printed boxes offers benefits such as improved product presentation, enhanced protection, effective marketing, increased shelf presence, and brand consistency. It creates an appealing and professional appearance, grabs consumers’ attention, and reinforces brand identity.


A fold-over presentation box is a packaging solution that features a hinged design, allowing it to fold over and enclose the contents securely. This type of box is commonly used for packaging drink mixes, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics. The fold-over design provides a professional and stylish presentation, enhancing the perceived value of the products. It offers a combination of functionality and aesthetics, allowing for easy opening and closing while showcasing the contents in an attractive manner. Whether it’s powdered drink mixes, nutritional supplements, or cosmetic products, the fold-over presentation box is a versatile choice for creating a memorable and visually appealing packaging experience.


Utilizing stand-up pouches offers benefits such as convenience, product protection, space efficiency, visual appeal, eco-friendliness, and consumer convenience. They provide a flexible and sustainable packaging alternative to standard rigid packaging.


Flow wrapping offers benefits such as product protection, freshness, versatility, attractive packaging, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. It is a reliable and efficient packaging method for various industries.


Kitting products involves the process of assembling or bundling multiple individual items into a single kit or package. This strategic approach simplifies order fulfillment and streamlines the packaging process. By grouping related products together, kitting enhances efficiency, reduces handling time, and minimizes packaging waste. Kitting also offers convenience to customers, as they can purchase multiple items in a single package. It enables businesses to create customized kits tailored to specific needs or market demands, adding value and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, kitting facilitates inventory management by consolidating stock-keeping units (SKUs) and simplifying tracking and replenishment. Overall, kitting products are a cost effective and customer-centric approach that optimizes operations and enhances the overall buying experience.