Flexible Packaging


Sachet and pouch packaging is known for its remarkable environmental friendliness. These packages are designed to minimize material usage and transportation emissions, thanks to their compact size and lightweight nature. By reducing resource consumption and carbon footprint, they contribute positively to sustainable practices.


Stick packs offer numerous benefits as a packaging solution. Firstly, they are highly convenient and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go lifestyles. Their slim and elongated shape allows for easy handling and carrying.

Secondly, stick packs provide precise dosing, ensuring accurate measurements without the need for additional tools. This makes them ideal for products that require precise dosage, such as dietary supplements or powdered beverages.

Additionally, stick packs are lightweight and compact, resulting in reduced packaging waste and transportation costs. They optimize storage space and contribute to eco-friendly practices.

Lastly, stick packs provide excellent product protection. Each pack is individually sealed, keeping the contents fresh, protected from moisture, and safeguarded against external factors. This helps maintain product quality and extends shelf life. In summary, stick packs offer convenience, precise dosing, eco-friendliness, and product protection, making them a versatile choice for various industries.


Gilman Nutrition specializes in producing multi-product sachets and pouches, offering convenient and organized packaging for a variety of capsules and tablets in a single pouch. With accurate dosing, superior protection, and customizable branding, our solution caters to a wide range of product packaging needs.

Cosmetic Sachets and Pouches

Sachets for cosmetic products offer convenient portability, precise usage, reduced waste, and hygienic benefits. They cater to customers who value on-the-go convenience and sustainability while ensuring product integrity.


Utilizing sachets for liquid products offers convenient portability, precise dosing, reduced waste, and hygienic benefits. They cater to individuals seeking practicality and sustainability in their daily routines.


Utilizing sachets and pouches for household products offers benefits such as convenience, product protection, versatility, waste reduction, and portion control. They provide practical and efficient packaging solutions that enhance user experience and promote sustainable consumption.